Product Spotlight: TMX Truck-Mounted Lift

Lift-A-Loft (LAL) offers its customers a full line of safe and reliable aerial lifts and equipment. Whether customers are performing a manufacturing process, conducting inspections, or repairs, LAL has many solutions for working at height. Check out the TMX truck-mounted lift in action! – t=18

The TMX series truck-mounted lift is available with an optional telescopic overhead lanyard system that provides fall-arrest protection for workers performing aircraft crown maintenance. The machine was engineered with safety, efficiency, and reliability in mind, allowing for up to three workers to be secure while working over the center of an aircraft fuselage.

The telescopic scissor mechanism allows for a maneuverable and compact truck-mounted maintenance lift while still producing a 15-foot long work platform. It also provides a wide stance at full elevation and a secure work platform that is impossible to attain with a conventional scissor lifting apparatus.
The platform can traverse 8 feet to the rear of the unit in order to provide over-wing access. This system is also outfitted with four electrically actuated slider panels that can be extended 48 inches to one side of the platform.

The overhead lanyard system can be extended to let workers access the fuselage to conduct inspections and make modifications or repairs. Tools and parts can easily be brought up to height with the large working platform of the TMX.
This lift is a fantastic representation of the quality for which Lift-A-Loft is known. As always, be sure to contact us for any of your aerial lift needs.


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