Lifts with a little extra

Access International magazine cites broadening horizons for vertical mast manufacturers as clients look for lifts with greater reach, more maneuverability, and more. “Although there is a natural height limit for a vertical mast, before it becomes more practical to use a traditional boom lift, customers will always require machines that can push the boundaries and reach a little further” (“Broadening Horizons,” Access International, Jan.–Feb. 2013).

Lift-A-Loft offers a range of aerial lift types that meet these expanding needs within the lift industry. For example, the AMV36 Series offers a very maneuverable vertical mast lift design in a durable package. These units are built to work in tight spaces and are capable of operating in harsh environments. Others, like the MCL Series, offer extra features like a large traversing platform and 360 degrees of rotation even at full elevation. Vertical mast lifts like these push what you can expect from a lift and give clients just a little bit more.

In addition, if you can’t find what you need in our standard product line, Lift-A-Loft’s custom lifts fill in the gap by offering lifts designed to the client’s particular needs and specifications. If you find yourself looking for a scissor lift that raises the bar in the industry, check out Lift-A-Loft’s products today or get a quote on a custom lift!


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