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In a recent issue of US Business Executive, Lift-A-Loft earned kind words regarding our commitment to excellent service, customized aerial lifts, and a rich understanding of the industry acquired through more than 60 years of experience.

“Our name has become synonymous with aerial lifts in the industry,” explains Todd Hunt, president of Lift-A-Loft. “Lift-A-Loft is now a generic term. Even some of the largest companies in the world like Boeing use our name to refer to other brands of aerial lifts. I’ll hear them say, ‘Go get the Lift-A-Loft’; that just goes to show how long we’ve been around.”

The Lift-A-Loft story began in the 1940’s, when we started engineering outdoor vertical truck-mounted lifts to service streetlights. By identifying a need and creating a solution, Lift-A-Loft revolutionized the performance of maintenance work through the use of aerial work platforms.

“We’re the oldest aerial lift manufacturer in the world,” shares Hunt. “We’ve been doing it longer than anyone in the industry and we pride ourselves on remaining 100-percent made in the U.S.”

As Lift-A-Loft continues to grow, so does our reputation for quality, custom-made aerial work platforms. “Our core business and what really sets us apart is our willingness to involve ourselves in custom solutions,” Hunt notes. “We view our customers as partners and we believe in building long-term relationships with them. For the most part, we’re building a system specific to a particular customer’s needs.”

In addition to specializing in custom-designed aerial lifts, Lift-A-Loft has also retained an outstanding reputation for standard aerial lift solutions. The combination of custom and standard products has provided Lift-A-Loft with continued relevancy and has fortified our name as an industry leader.

Whether your work requires a custom or standard aerial lift, Lift-A-Loft has the engineered solution you need. As Hunt notes in the interview with US Business Executive, “We have a niche company. Couple that with the fact that we treat our customers in the same manner in which we’d like to be treated and it makes for long-term, profitable relationship for both parties.” Be sure to contact Lift-A-Loft for your aerial lift needs!

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