LAL Training Opportunities

Besides offering an outstanding line of aerial lifts, Lift-A-Loft also provides training on the maintenance, operations, and inspections for those lifts. Interested individuals can receive certification for inspections by completing training on site or at Lift-A-Loft’s factory.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requires inspections on most aerial lifts every 13 months, performed by trained individuals who are current on safety regulations. Each model of aerial lift has its own set of standards and these standards are updated or adapted from time to time, making frequent, current training a must. Stay up to speed with ANSI’s requirements by completing courses through LAL. Between classroom topics and hands-on procedures, you’ll finish the certification knowing the latest guidelines in the industry—and having a document of attendance from the factory trainer to prove it.

There are four available training types. Training in maintenance and troubleshooting features courses exclusive to each of LAL’s specific aerial lift models. You’ll need basic hydraulic and electrical skills to get the most out of this program. Operator training focuses on safety and participants graduate as certified operators. Annual inspection training requires completion of the first two types of training and is a two-year program. Individuals who complete the program are certified to perform annual inspections on each aerial lift for which they’ve received training. Finally, “train the trainer” certification is a great way for individuals to keep up with annual ANSI revisions; the program supplies trainers with certificates and materials to keep these individuals current on industry requirements.

All scissor lifts, man lifts, truck mounted lifts and GSE is required to have current inspections performed by trained technicians.  To find out more about becoming a certified inspector, check out our website at


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