LAL Railway Interchange Exhibit

There are hundreds of applications for aerial lifts in a broad range of industries. For some of those industries, scissor lifts aren’t just an occasional tool—they’re integral to day-to-day operations. The railroad industry is one of those industries.

Lift-A-Loft’s products and services are used by many key freight haulers and commuter rail operators. You’ll find our vertical mast lifts, scissor lifts, and truck-mounted units used in a variety of applications within the railroad industry. We’ve been supplying lifts to this industry for over fifty years.

For this reason, Lift-A-Loft is looking forward to attending this year’s Railway Interchange exhibition in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Railway Interchange is the largest event of its kind in North America. With over 650 exhibitors, it’s a 300,000 square-foot showcase for the latest technology, services, and research in the railroad industry.  We’re proud to be one of the fourteen Indiana companies among the many great exhibitors. We love the opportunity to catch up with others in the industry and to share our railroad support equipment with the over 7,000 show attendees.

If you’re in the area, stop by the Indiana Convention Center between September 29 and October 2 to say hello and check out our offerings. If you can’t make it, you can keep up with the exhibition by following #RailwayInterchange on Twitter—and you can always check out our website to get a look at some of the great lift products and services we’ll be sharing!


Making Headlines

In a recent issue of US Business Executive, Lift-A-Loft earned kind words regarding our commitment to excellent service, customized aerial lifts, and a rich understanding of the industry acquired through more than 60 years of experience.

“Our name has become synonymous with aerial lifts in the industry,” explains Todd Hunt, president of Lift-A-Loft. “Lift-A-Loft is now a generic term. Even some of the largest companies in the world like Boeing use our name to refer to other brands of aerial lifts. I’ll hear them say, ‘Go get the Lift-A-Loft’; that just goes to show how long we’ve been around.”

The Lift-A-Loft story began in the 1940’s, when we started engineering outdoor vertical truck-mounted lifts to service streetlights. By identifying a need and creating a solution, Lift-A-Loft revolutionized the performance of maintenance work through the use of aerial work platforms.

“We’re the oldest aerial lift manufacturer in the world,” shares Hunt. “We’ve been doing it longer than anyone in the industry and we pride ourselves on remaining 100-percent made in the U.S.”

As Lift-A-Loft continues to grow, so does our reputation for quality, custom-made aerial work platforms. “Our core business and what really sets us apart is our willingness to involve ourselves in custom solutions,” Hunt notes. “We view our customers as partners and we believe in building long-term relationships with them. For the most part, we’re building a system specific to a particular customer’s needs.”

In addition to specializing in custom-designed aerial lifts, Lift-A-Loft has also retained an outstanding reputation for standard aerial lift solutions. The combination of custom and standard products has provided Lift-A-Loft with continued relevancy and has fortified our name as an industry leader.

Whether your work requires a custom or standard aerial lift, Lift-A-Loft has the engineered solution you need. As Hunt notes in the interview with US Business Executive, “We have a niche company. Couple that with the fact that we treat our customers in the same manner in which we’d like to be treated and it makes for long-term, profitable relationship for both parties.” Be sure to contact Lift-A-Loft for your aerial lift needs!

Product Spotlight: TMX Truck-Mounted Lift

Lift-A-Loft (LAL) offers its customers a full line of safe and reliable aerial lifts and equipment. Whether customers are performing a manufacturing process, conducting inspections, or repairs, LAL has many solutions for working at height. Check out the TMX truck-mounted lift in action! – t=18

The TMX series truck-mounted lift is available with an optional telescopic overhead lanyard system that provides fall-arrest protection for workers performing aircraft crown maintenance. The machine was engineered with safety, efficiency, and reliability in mind, allowing for up to three workers to be secure while working over the center of an aircraft fuselage.

The telescopic scissor mechanism allows for a maneuverable and compact truck-mounted maintenance lift while still producing a 15-foot long work platform. It also provides a wide stance at full elevation and a secure work platform that is impossible to attain with a conventional scissor lifting apparatus.
The platform can traverse 8 feet to the rear of the unit in order to provide over-wing access. This system is also outfitted with four electrically actuated slider panels that can be extended 48 inches to one side of the platform.

The overhead lanyard system can be extended to let workers access the fuselage to conduct inspections and make modifications or repairs. Tools and parts can easily be brought up to height with the large working platform of the TMX.
This lift is a fantastic representation of the quality for which Lift-A-Loft is known. As always, be sure to contact us for any of your aerial lift needs.


Maintenance is Key

Lift-a-Loft has always been a huge proponent for regular maintenance and safety measures. Not only does regular maintenance ensure user safety, but it also reduces operating cost and boosts reliability. As it happens, significant return on investment rates have been documented through effective maintenance policies. Likewise, proactive maintenance techniques have dramatically improved user safety and efficiency.

Maximum Capacity Media, publisher of TUC, spoke with fleet owners, equipment dealers, and inspectors to better understand how they are applying these policies. The result of these efforts is reduced equipment downtime, reduced high-dollar repairs, and heightened safety.

Eric Skinner, president of SpectWare (a crane inspection software company in Colorado Springs) gives his input on the topic:

“I’ve worked for companies that took both proactive and reactive approaches to crane maintenance. Companies that are reactive tend to only fix things when there is a problem. Repairs tend to be higher dollar. With proactive maintenance, it’s possible to predict repairs. “

SpectWare was created to help construction companies achieve this proactive approach. This web-based software provides office personnel, maintenance technicians, and supervisors real-time data about what’s happening with each crane or lift in their fleet. The outcome: a much more streamlined process for scheduling maintenance proactively.

Steps for establishing a proactive maintenance plan include the following:

-       Prepare an equipment history for each machine

-       Audit equipment conditions

-       Ensure support of top management

Companies who follow proactive maintenance procedures have overall smaller repair bills and ultimately safer working conditions. Whether it’s utilizing a tool such as SpectWare to help with the process, or simply strategizing as a management team, taking proactive steps toward lift maintenance ensures greater ROI, better equipment performance, cuts costs, and keeps employees safe in their work space.

As always, be sure to keep those lifts on schedule for regular inspections to help identify these deficiencies. Lift-a-Loft is here as a great solution to these machine care needs.

Online Equipment Training Options

Technology provides us with the resources and flexibility to share information more easily than ever before. Not only does technology enable people to share information, but also to learn from experts anywhere around the world with tools that enhance this education. Animation, narration and video demonstrations help to enrich online education. Interestingly enough, both manufacturing and construction industries have begun to explore this method for training.

Understanding lifting technique and safety is a true science and remains extremely relevant and important. Online training offers a new way for manufacturing and construction workers to develop the skills they need to excel at their jobs and do so safely. Tracking employee progress reports and archiving results are just a couple of the features that online training offers in a simple and efficient platform.

That being said, the concern is that workers aren’t getting the hands on practice that is vital for truly understanding the topics covered. Some may absorb the material easily via online courses; however, realistic situations are difficult to simulate.

Crane rigging, signaling, crane operation, overhead crane operation, and access platform use are all techniques that are simple to portray online, but require hands on experience.

At Lift-a-Loft, we place an enormous amount of value in safety and training. The available training types are:

-       Maintenance Service and Troubleshooting Training

-       Operator Training

-       Annual Inspection Training

-       Train the Trainer Certification

Lift-a-Loft training programs enable individuals to meet the requirements set forth by ANSI standards. Upon certification, individuals will receive a document of attendance provided by the Factory Trainer, also required by ANSI.

Online training and education is obviously expanding and growing in popularity as technology continues to evolve. It’s important as an employer, however, to consider the pros and cons. Consider the work environment, the skills of each employee, and the objective of the training course. Although online training may be simple and easy to implement, hands on training and practice are an invaluable component to ensuring operator safety.

Identification of Hazards

Recently, a coalition of aerial work platform experts developed a new guide titled Statement of Best Practices for Workplace Risk Assessment and Aerial Work Platform Equipment. The goal is to inform aerial lift users of the best practices for analyzing workplace risks and choosing the right personnel lift for each specific task.

The genesis of this development began with recognizing a need to aid in the identification of hazards, provide guidance for conducting a thorough workplace risk assessment, and implementing control measures. In addition, the guide will assist in the selection of the most suitable AWP equipment for the work involved.  This new guide can be downloaded from any of the following organizations:

-       American Rental Association

-       International Powered Access Federation

-       Scaffold and Access Industry Association

Lift-a-Loft has always pursued excellence in safety and service. Whether at your facility or at our multi-bay service center, our factory-trained technicians and mechanics can inspect, service and repair Lift-A-Loft aerial work platforms. This new initiative aligns perfectly with the Lift-a-Loft way. Identifying these risks and taking the necessary measures to conduct a healthy assessment of workplace safety begins with the operation of reliable and efficient aerial lifts. Lift-a-Loft offers regular inspections and provides service and repair needs in addition to providing an extensive line of products to meet your aerial lift needs. Be sure your workplace is doing it’s very best to create a safe work environment. Lift-a-Loft is here to help!

Lifts with a little extra

Access International magazine cites broadening horizons for vertical mast manufacturers as clients look for lifts with greater reach, more maneuverability, and more. “Although there is a natural height limit for a vertical mast, before it becomes more practical to use a traditional boom lift, customers will always require machines that can push the boundaries and reach a little further” (“Broadening Horizons,” Access International, Jan.–Feb. 2013).

Lift-A-Loft offers a range of aerial lift types that meet these expanding needs within the lift industry. For example, the AMV36 Series offers a very maneuverable vertical mast lift design in a durable package. These units are built to work in tight spaces and are capable of operating in harsh environments. Others, like the MCL Series, offer extra features like a large traversing platform and 360 degrees of rotation even at full elevation. Vertical mast lifts like these push what you can expect from a lift and give clients just a little bit more.

In addition, if you can’t find what you need in our standard product line, Lift-A-Loft’s custom lifts fill in the gap by offering lifts designed to the client’s particular needs and specifications. If you find yourself looking for a scissor lift that raises the bar in the industry, check out Lift-A-Loft’s products today or get a quote on a custom lift!


Cutting-edge fall protection systems

Tragically, it’s reported that aerial lift-related deaths account for 17% of fatal injuries in U.S. construction. When you’re working on an aerial lift, the risk involved is often in the back of your mind—and that consciousness is a good thing, keeping you more cautious when operating and working on the lift.

At Lift-A-Loft, safety is as important to us as it is to you when you’re elevated several stories up in the air. That’s why we take inspections and training seriously, and that’s why we’ve developed our cutting-edge fall protection systems. Although aerial lift accidents can be caused by everything from weather conditions to overloading to design defects, one of the greatest hazards is falling from the aerial lift.

As an answer to that risk, Lift-A-Loft has delivered another significant product development to the aviation industry in particular. The Lift-A-Loft TMX Series Truck Mounted Maintenance Lift is now available with an option for a telescopic overhead lanyard system. The overhead lanyard system was designed to provide workers fall-arrest protection while performing crown maintenance on aircraft.  Up to three workers can be safely attached while centered over the fuselage of an aircraft.

The telescopic scissor mechanism allows for easy maneuvering while still providing a 15-foot long, rigid and stable work platform—something that can’t be achieved with a conventional scissor lifting mechanism.

Both the platform and the lanyard system are extendable, allowing for great accessibility. The platform of the unit can traverse out the rear of the unit up to eight feet to allow for easy over-wing access. The platform is also equipped with four electrically actuated slider panels that can be extended out an additional 48” to one side of the platform, providing a safe interface to the fuselage.

Lift-A-Loft’s unique telescopic overhead lanyard system is a great safety addition for the TMX Series Truck Mounted Maintenance Lift. The aerial lift industry comes with a level of risk, but careful operation and thorough training combined with equipment designed with safety in mind all help keep you out of harm’s way. Check out our fall-arrest system today!


Lift-A-Loft Factory Rebuild Program

If aerial lifts are key equipment for your business, you know that this machinery is an investment. Aerial lifts are big-ticket purchases any way you look at it and there’s nothing worse than seeing your investment getting worn out over time. No matter how well you treat your lifts, there’s no way to keep everyday equipment from wear and tear, and all too soon your new aerial lift ends up damaged, defunct, or outdated. You’ve laid out an investment in purchasing your aerial lift, whether it’s a scissor lift, single man lift, truck mounted lift, or even ground support equipment, but it may look as though it’s days are numbered.

You may be considering a new or used purchase to replace that dated lift, but there’s another option. With the Lift-A-Loft Factory Rebuild Program, you can take your hard-working lift and restore it to a like-new condition. With a comprehensive rebuild, not only are you extending the life of your investment, but you’re saving money over purchasing a lift, making this a great cost-effective solution. And if saving some green isn’t enough of an inducement to rebuild, how about being green? Avoid scrapping your trusty aerial lift and keep existing equipment in service with some careful lift reconditioning.

A Lift-A-Loft factory rebuild is more than a facelift for your aerial lift, although a sharp new paint job is something you can look forward to. First your lift will be carefully inspected to evaluate the condition of key components, from drive mountings to mast sections. We will then completely disassemble and deep-clean your lift, and between sandblasting and solvent, your aerial lift will be free of all accumulated grime and gunk.

Major components, including wheels, platform and electrical enclosures, all lift chains, and more will be completely replaced. These new parts come with a one year warranty and even minor components—like coils, contact tips, and switches—get a 90-day limited warranty. (For more details on warranty extensions, click here.) The aerial lift is then painstakingly reassembled and painted, then run through careful testing to make sure it’s good as new.

One other benefit? The factory rebuild program is great for peace of mind. Not only are key components completely replaced, but your rebuilt lift is load tested to platform rated capacity and carefully inspected before shipment. Well-worn equipment poses a safety risk and puts your company in a bad spot. With a rebuild, though, your scissor lift, vertical mast lift, truck-mounted lift, or GSE will be completely restored.  The result is a lift that’s restored to its near-original purchased condition.  It even receives a thorough inspection prior to being returned to you. Talk about a return on your investment!  Click here for more information.

Have a wonderful week!