Maintenance is Key

Lift-a-Loft has always been a huge proponent for regular maintenance and safety measures. Not only does regular maintenance ensure user safety, but it also reduces operating cost and boosts reliability. As it happens, significant return on investment rates have been documented through effective maintenance policies. Likewise, proactive maintenance techniques have dramatically improved user safety and efficiency.

Maximum Capacity Media, publisher of TUC, spoke with fleet owners, equipment dealers, and inspectors to better understand how they are applying these policies. The result of these efforts is reduced equipment downtime, reduced high-dollar repairs, and heightened safety.

Eric Skinner, president of SpectWare (a crane inspection software company in Colorado Springs) gives his input on the topic:

“I’ve worked for companies that took both proactive and reactive approaches to crane maintenance. Companies that are reactive tend to only fix things when there is a problem. Repairs tend to be higher dollar. With proactive maintenance, it’s possible to predict repairs. “

SpectWare was created to help construction companies achieve this proactive approach. This web-based software provides office personnel, maintenance technicians, and supervisors real-time data about what’s happening with each crane or lift in their fleet. The outcome: a much more streamlined process for scheduling maintenance proactively.

Steps for establishing a proactive maintenance plan include the following:

-       Prepare an equipment history for each machine

-       Audit equipment conditions

-       Ensure support of top management

Companies who follow proactive maintenance procedures have overall smaller repair bills and ultimately safer working conditions. Whether it’s utilizing a tool such as SpectWare to help with the process, or simply strategizing as a management team, taking proactive steps toward lift maintenance ensures greater ROI, better equipment performance, cuts costs, and keeps employees safe in their work space.

As always, be sure to keep those lifts on schedule for regular inspections to help identify these deficiencies. Lift-a-Loft is here as a great solution to these machine care needs.