Identification of Hazards

Recently, a coalition of aerial work platform experts developed a new guide titled Statement of Best Practices for Workplace Risk Assessment and Aerial Work Platform Equipment. The goal is to inform aerial lift users of the best practices for analyzing workplace risks and choosing the right personnel lift for each specific task.

The genesis of this development began with recognizing a need to aid in the identification of hazards, provide guidance for conducting a thorough workplace risk assessment, and implementing control measures. In addition, the guide will assist in the selection of the most suitable AWP equipment for the work involved.  This new guide can be downloaded from any of the following organizations:

-       American Rental Association

-       International Powered Access Federation

-       Scaffold and Access Industry Association

Lift-a-Loft has always pursued excellence in safety and service. Whether at your facility or at our multi-bay service center, our factory-trained technicians and mechanics can inspect, service and repair Lift-A-Loft aerial work platforms. This new initiative aligns perfectly with the Lift-a-Loft way. Identifying these risks and taking the necessary measures to conduct a healthy assessment of workplace safety begins with the operation of reliable and efficient aerial lifts. Lift-a-Loft offers regular inspections and provides service and repair needs in addition to providing an extensive line of products to meet your aerial lift needs. Be sure your workplace is doing it’s very best to create a safe work environment. Lift-a-Loft is here to help!

Lifts with a little extra

Access International magazine cites broadening horizons for vertical mast manufacturers as clients look for lifts with greater reach, more maneuverability, and more. “Although there is a natural height limit for a vertical mast, before it becomes more practical to use a traditional boom lift, customers will always require machines that can push the boundaries and reach a little further” (“Broadening Horizons,” Access International, Jan.–Feb. 2013).

Lift-A-Loft offers a range of aerial lift types that meet these expanding needs within the lift industry. For example, the AMV36 Series offers a very maneuverable vertical mast lift design in a durable package. These units are built to work in tight spaces and are capable of operating in harsh environments. Others, like the MCL Series, offer extra features like a large traversing platform and 360 degrees of rotation even at full elevation. Vertical mast lifts like these push what you can expect from a lift and give clients just a little bit more.

In addition, if you can’t find what you need in our standard product line, Lift-A-Loft’s custom lifts fill in the gap by offering lifts designed to the client’s particular needs and specifications. If you find yourself looking for a scissor lift that raises the bar in the industry, check out Lift-A-Loft’s products today or get a quote on a custom lift!