Cutting-edge fall protection systems

Tragically, it’s reported that aerial lift-related deaths account for 17% of fatal injuries in U.S. construction. When you’re working on an aerial lift, the risk involved is often in the back of your mind—and that consciousness is a good thing, keeping you more cautious when operating and working on the lift.

At Lift-A-Loft, safety is as important to us as it is to you when you’re elevated several stories up in the air. That’s why we take inspections and training seriously, and that’s why we’ve developed our cutting-edge fall protection systems. Although aerial lift accidents can be caused by everything from weather conditions to overloading to design defects, one of the greatest hazards is falling from the aerial lift.

As an answer to that risk, Lift-A-Loft has delivered another significant product development to the aviation industry in particular. The Lift-A-Loft TMX Series Truck Mounted Maintenance Lift is now available with an option for a telescopic overhead lanyard system. The overhead lanyard system was designed to provide workers fall-arrest protection while performing crown maintenance on aircraft.  Up to three workers can be safely attached while centered over the fuselage of an aircraft.

The telescopic scissor mechanism allows for easy maneuvering while still providing a 15-foot long, rigid and stable work platform—something that can’t be achieved with a conventional scissor lifting mechanism.

Both the platform and the lanyard system are extendable, allowing for great accessibility. The platform of the unit can traverse out the rear of the unit up to eight feet to allow for easy over-wing access. The platform is also equipped with four electrically actuated slider panels that can be extended out an additional 48” to one side of the platform, providing a safe interface to the fuselage.

Lift-A-Loft’s unique telescopic overhead lanyard system is a great safety addition for the TMX Series Truck Mounted Maintenance Lift. The aerial lift industry comes with a level of risk, but careful operation and thorough training combined with equipment designed with safety in mind all help keep you out of harm’s way. Check out our fall-arrest system today!