Lift-A-Loft Factory Rebuild Program

If aerial lifts are key equipment for your business, you know that this machinery is an investment. Aerial lifts are big-ticket purchases any way you look at it and there’s nothing worse than seeing your investment getting worn out over time. No matter how well you treat your lifts, there’s no way to keep everyday equipment from wear and tear, and all too soon your new aerial lift ends up damaged, defunct, or outdated. You’ve laid out an investment in purchasing your aerial lift, whether it’s a scissor lift, single man lift, truck mounted lift, or even ground support equipment, but it may look as though it’s days are numbered.

You may be considering a new or used purchase to replace that dated lift, but there’s another option. With the Lift-A-Loft Factory Rebuild Program, you can take your hard-working lift and restore it to a like-new condition. With a comprehensive rebuild, not only are you extending the life of your investment, but you’re saving money over purchasing a lift, making this a great cost-effective solution. And if saving some green isn’t enough of an inducement to rebuild, how about being green? Avoid scrapping your trusty aerial lift and keep existing equipment in service with some careful lift reconditioning.

A Lift-A-Loft factory rebuild is more than a facelift for your aerial lift, although a sharp new paint job is something you can look forward to. First your lift will be carefully inspected to evaluate the condition of key components, from drive mountings to mast sections. We will then completely disassemble and deep-clean your lift, and between sandblasting and solvent, your aerial lift will be free of all accumulated grime and gunk.

Major components, including wheels, platform and electrical enclosures, all lift chains, and more will be completely replaced. These new parts come with a one year warranty and even minor components—like coils, contact tips, and switches—get a 90-day limited warranty. (For more details on warranty extensions, click here.) The aerial lift is then painstakingly reassembled and painted, then run through careful testing to make sure it’s good as new.

One other benefit? The factory rebuild program is great for peace of mind. Not only are key components completely replaced, but your rebuilt lift is load tested to platform rated capacity and carefully inspected before shipment. Well-worn equipment poses a safety risk and puts your company in a bad spot. With a rebuild, though, your scissor lift, vertical mast lift, truck-mounted lift, or GSE will be completely restored.  The result is a lift that’s restored to its near-original purchased condition.  It even receives a thorough inspection prior to being returned to you. Talk about a return on your investment!  Click here for more information.

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