Lift-A-Loft Releases the All-New TL22

Lift-A-Loft Corporation has developed a brand new, self-contained scissor lift that can
be easily mounted on or removed from the bed of a pickup truck: the TL22.

This aerial lift is designed for people who do not need a standard aerial lift to haul to the job site. The TL22 can be used in the bed of any truck with a 6’ or 8’ long bed that can support 2,650 lbs. of payload.

The TL22 aerial lift is a versatile and easily maneuverable product. “Keeping it simple is key,” says Lift-A-Loft CEO William Fulton. “After a simple installation kit is installed, the TL22 can be placed in the bed of the truck to do a specific job. When the truck bed is needed for other jobs, the lift can be removed and stored in just minutes. One truck can be used to change lights in the morning and haul cargo in the afternoon.”

This truck-mounted scissor lift also has other special features, including a 36” rear platform extension that allows an operator to work more closely and comfortably with a project. Additionally, the TL22 has a self-contained power pack that connects directly to a truck’s electrical system to power and recharge the aerial lift. The truck does not even have to be running for the charging process to occur, which is economically and environmentally advantageous. When mounted on a 32” truck bed, this aerial lift provides 21’10” of aerial work platform height.

Though this aerial work platform requires no outriggers, providing 500 lbs. of platform capacity, the TL22 is a safe aerial lift, meeting ANSI A92.2 requirements. This truck-mounted scissor lift comes with removable guard rails that will keep an operator safely on the aerial work platform at all times. The aerial lift can operate on terrain up to a 4-degree incline before the tilt switch will shut down the lift function.

Some suggested uses for the TL22 include Bridge and Tunnel Repair and Inspection, Commercial Sign Work, Construction, Facilities Maintenance, Film Work, Holiday Decorating, Home Repair, Painting, Parking Lot and Street Light Work, and Security and Traffic Signal Maintenance.

To purchase or rent this versatile, truck-mounted scissor lift, visit Lift-A-Loft’s Muncie, Indiana, location, or visit them online at

Mast Lifts Increasing in Popularity

Standard access equipment has the disadvantage of not fitting into tight spaces, which is why custom, compact vertical mast lifts have come into favor recently.

The primary reason for the growing popularity of this type of custom aerial lift is its lightweight frame, which puts it in the same category as a ladder. On wheels, this custom aerial lift can have a frame small enough that a single person can push it around. While ladders can be long and unwieldy, a compact mast aerial lift eliminates this problem by extending vertically only, never horizontally. Also, unlike a ladder, this type of aerial lift easily adjusts to any height you may need. In one custom aerial lift, you have multiple heights ready for use, something that would otherwise require two or three different ladders.

While working in finished buildings, there are always concerns about the floor’s weight capacity. You don’t want to damage the floor of your stockroom with an excessively heavy aerial lift. Again, a compact mast aerial lift offers an easy solution.

A mast aerial lift is also an alternative to a scaffold tower. Scaffolds take time to erect and require more than one person to construct. They are a cumbersome way to create an aerial work platform. A mast aerial lift, in comparison, requires only one person to raise and lower it, and it takes only a matter of seconds. The aerial lift acts as its own perfectly sturdy aerial work platform. It is also more maneuverable than scaffolding. While you have to tear down, move, and reconstruct scaffolding, a custom aerial lift rolls wherever you want to take it without having to adjust the height.

Equipped with guardrails and a regulated lifting speed, an aerial lift is a safer alternative than podiums and stepladders. Ladders are notoriously dangerous, while aerial lifts are dependable and predictable.

Utilizing a mast aerial lift is a way to optimize power access in a unit that fits indoors. It increases work speed and, thus, productivity. You can find this kind of custom aerial lift and any other type of aerial lift at Lift-A-Loft’s Muncie, Indiana, location, or see the products and services they offer online at


IPAF Conference Comes to the USA

For the first time ever, the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) is holding their annual conference in the United States.  From March 25 to March 27, 2013, IPAF is hosting their summit in beautiful Miami, Florida.  This event is one of the most popular events in the powered access industry around the world.  Yearly, over 400 delegates attend this summit and participate in a collaborative, educational, and helpful experience for everyone involved—industry leaders and aerial lift customers of all kinds benefit from this event.

Perhaps one of the most beneficial parts of the IPAF summit is the opportunity you’ll have to network with hundreds of the world’s leading businesses and employees in the field of powered access and related services so that you can find the aerial work platform that best fits your company’s needs.  The federation says of its networking night:

“This informal networking event for delegates arriving early will be held at a fashionable Miami venue close to the conference hotel. This is a great opportunity to meet colleagues and do business in a unique environment. Limited sponsorship opportunities are available. There is no cost to attend, and the networking event is open to all IPAF members and to people holding a ticket for the IAPA Awards Dinner. However, places for this popular event are limited to around 250, so be sure to register early in order to be admitted.” 

In addition to the networking night, the most popular event at the annual IPAF summit is the International Awards for Powered Access (IAPAs), which honors industry leaders in a variety of aerial lift categories.  This is the most prestigious award ceremony in the aerial work platform industry and it is a wonderful experience.  Here is the description from IPAF:

“The International Awards for Powered Access (IAPAs) is a spectacular gala dinner and awards ceremony which will take place at the Hilton Downtown Miami Hotel. The IAPAs celebrate best practice and excellence in the powered access industry. Companies typically book tables and invite guests. Attendees can look forward to a first class evening of wining and dining, along with entertainment and excitement as the award winners are announced. Major sponsorship opportunities are available. This ticket-only gala dinner is expected to attract more than 450 guests from around the world, so book early to be part of this special evening.”

Consider attending the IPAF summit in Miami in March and take advantage of its location in the United States this year!  It is incredibly beneficial to the powered access industry as a whole and will be sure assist you with your aerial lift training needs.

An Exciting Partnership

One of the most common uses for aerial lifts is performing important, careful work on city utilities such as replacing lights in illuminated street signs, maintenance work on traffic signals, and other needs requiring elevation.  When doing this type of work, all sorts of signs in all sorts of places may need to be replaced, work which may require special kinds of aerial lifts or scissor trucks to be done effectively and efficiently.  Where can you turn to solve these types of project problems?

Lift-A-Loft is proud to announce that we will be working with the Alamogordo City (New Mexico) Commission to install illuminated street signs throughout the city.  In a vote that was passed on October 11, the Alamogordo City Commission decided to purchase a custom-made platform lift to support the local city government in their work to improve their city on behalf of the citizens.

John Bear of the Alamogordo Daily News reports, “City staff recommended the platform truck in part because the installation of a sample sign had to be performed with workers holding up the sign between two bucket trucks. City Utilities Director Brian Cesar has said that it was ‘not really a safe operation’ and wouldn’t be done again” (  We are happy to help the people of Alamogordo install their new street signs in the safest way possible by providing them with a custom aerial lift.  Lift-A-Loft’s custom-made aerial lift platform for the city of Alamogordo will be used not only for installing LED street sign lights, but also in other potential high-risk city utility operations.

Custom lifts can be one of the most useful resources for any business, not just for city utility and street construction services.  Lift-A-Loft is pleased to provide any number of custom-made aerial lifts tailored to fit your company or organization’s individual needs or special projects.  We are most concerned with using our talents to give you an efficient, safe solution to any aerial lift problem you may need to solve.

Comment on the blog or contact us through our website if there is any way in which we can solve an aerial lift need for you!