Aerial Lifts Support City Utilities

One of the most common uses for aerial lifts is performing important, careful work on city utilities such as replacing lights in illuminated street signs, maintenance work on traffic signals, and other needs requiring elevation.  When doing this type of work, all sorts of signs in all sorts of places may need to be replaced, work which may require special kinds of aerial lifts or scissor trucks to be done effectively and efficiently.  Where can you turn to solve these types of project problems?

Lift-A-Loft is proud to announce that we will be working with the Alamogordo City (New Mexico) Commission to install illuminated street signs throughout the city.  In a vote that was passed on October 11, the Alamogordo City Commission decided to purchase a custom-made platform lift to support the local city government in their work to improve their city on behalf of the citizens.

John Bear of the Alamogordo Daily News reports, “City staff recommended the platform truck in part because the installation of a sample sign had to be performed with workers holding up the sign between two bucket trucks. City Utilities Director Brian Cesar has said that it was ‘not really a safe operation’ and wouldn’t be done again” (  We are happy to help the people of Alamogordo install their new street signs in the safest way possible by providing them with a custom aerial lift.  Lift-A-Loft’s custom-made aerial lift platform for the city of Alamogordo will be used not only for installing LED street sign lights, but also in other potential high-risk city utility operations.

Custom lifts can be one of the most useful resources for any business, not just for city utility and street construction services.  Lift-A-Loft is pleased to provide any number of custom-made aerial lifts tailored to fit your company or organization’s individual needs or special projects.  We are most concerned with using our talents to give you an efficient, safe solution to any aerial lift problem you may need to solve.

Comment on the blog or contact us through our website if there is any way in which we can solve an aerial lift need for you!