Welcome to the Lift-A-Loft Blog

Welcome to the all-new Lift-A-Loft blog.  Since the 1940s, we’ve been pleased to provide American-made aerial lifts to our customers in a variety of industries.  At Lift-A-Loft we pride ourselves on our great customer service, catering to our customers’ needs with customized designs, outstanding product support, and open communication. We want to continue to serve our customers by publishing high-quality content on a blog viewable around the world.  Our hope is that we can support our customers and readers by posting industry-leading information on aerial lifts and services.

We look forward to sharing information regarding aerial lifts, scissor lifts, truck mounted lifts, custom aerial lifts, and other related products, services, and topics with all of our readers.  Look to the Lift-A-Loft blog to keep updated on current industry trends within the aerial lift industry.  Get involved in the conversation and let us know if you have any questions!